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Protecting hardscaped walkways this winter

Maryland is notorious for surprise harsh winters, with ice, snow, sleet, and the occasional blizzard as well. Protecting your landscaping and hardscaping prior to harsh weather is key to helping your property remain beautiful for years to come.

To prepare for the snowy season, it is a good idea to clear all the sideways and walkways around your home. Clear any tools, hoses, rocks and debris form the walkways, so that shoveling or snow blowing will be easier and smoother once winter hits.

Check for problem spots NOW Another good idea is to check for cracks and other problem spots. The extreme temperature-change will worsen the cracks over the winter – and the repairs will be more extensive and expensive in the spring. You also want to make sure to get rid of any low spots where puddles can develop and water might collect.

Inspect the drainage system Another important thing to check is your water drainage system: make sure that rain and melting snow will not spill directly on your walkway, but can rather flow freely through your drainage system. If water gets under your walkway during the cold winter months and the water freezes, it can actually rise up the walkway in certain spots. Consequently, the walkway will crack or get otherwise damaged in these areas.

Keep it safe By keeping your walkway clean and well maintained you also keep it safe. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are more than 8 million emergency room visits and 21,000 deaths each year because of slip, trip and fall accidents. Most of these incidents happen on even floor, and in 55 percent of all cases, the walkway is implicated as the cause.

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