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Commercial Landscaping Services

Transforming commercial landscapes

Many businesses turn to Rooted in Nature to transform their landscapes due to our position as a leader in designing, installing and maintaining landscapes. The first impression that your business makes is vital to attracting customers, and a poorly-maintained landscape is a bad way to draw interest. A beautifully-maintained and manicured landscape shows employees and customers you care about their safety and experience.

Rooted in Nature provides one simple solution to fulfill all of your commercial grounds needs. Our robust  offerings and our large team of seasoned experts give us the edge, because we provide full service commercial landscaping service- leaving no stone unturned. Allow us to be your company or businesses total care landscaping provider. From design to hardscaping, lawn care to planting, we will transform your Commercial Landscape.




We focus on designing and installing plantings to accent two key priority landscaping areas, your entryways and your signage. Our design experts know how to complement your branding and exterior architectural style from the moment a customer turns down your street to the second that they open your door.

Hardscaping Solutions

Our designers are passionate about creating hardscaping solutions that accent your landscaping. Your visitors and employees will want to visit your outdoor space if you invest in  beautiful outdoor features for your property.


Design &


The best landscapes hide the amount of skilled architecture and design that went into them and keep your property looking fantastic throughout the year. We use the principle of succession when designing landscapes, so that they look great now and five years in the future. We can help your company move towards becoming a green business by assisting with erosion control, irrigation and planting.


Are you a commercial property builder? When you build a new commercial building or space don't make the landscaping an afterthought. Our team is ready to design a layout that will draw customers to your lot. Each client's dedicated project manager will assist with installation design, landscaping, and hardscaping each step of the way.

Commercial Installation Services

We can take pride in the designing and installing of your commercial landscape. It is our goal to turn your dreams into reality, so we are open to designing any specialty project you can dream up. Here are some of our most popular offerings in our commercial sector:

  • Tree and shrub installation

  • Reforestation

  • Turf installation

  • Rain gardens and ponds

  • Site furnishings

  • Monuments and entryways

  • Pavers and stone patios

  • Engineering and architecture

  • Walkways

  • Concrete site work

  • Drainage & erosion control

  • Planning and design

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