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Top 5 Spring Maintenance Tips

Updated: May 1

Are you looking forward to blooming flowers and a lush lawn? Investing in spring clean-up landscaping can boost your curb appeal and encourage you to spend more time outdoors. 

It's best to start getting your lawn and landscape in shape early on in the season. With the right preparation, you can ensure your outdoor areas look beautiful all year round. To get started, follow these tips.

1. Clear Debris

Start cleaning any accumulated debris from winter — rake fallen leaves, pick up scattered twigs or branches and throw trash away. Remove old mulch from flower beds, areas around bushes and gardening locations. 

Eliminating debris offers a way to improve sun exposure and airflow. As a result, you can discourage the growth of harmful bacteria or molds and prevent insect infestations in your yard. 

2. Seek Inspiration

Brainstorm how you'd like to add eye-catching colors to your flower beds, or think of ways to refine your landscape. Explore spring landscaping photos to discover timeless ideas or research the latest trends in your area.

Getting in touch with local landscapers allows you to plan accordingly. Experts can answer your questions and provide detailed advice or recommendations that suit your preferences. 

3. Select Your Mulch

Pick your favorite mulch. You can choose from many styles and colors. The option you select can enhance the look of the surrounding grass, flowers, bushes and trees, as well as your home. 

Beyond freshening the look of your landscape, the mulch adds nutrients to your soil. The components help keep your soil soft while permitting water and air flow so your plants can thrive. Additionally, the protective layer can prevent weeds and erosion.

4. Plan How You Want Your Yard to Look

Prepare for your landscaping spring clean-up ahead of time, especially if you want to make some big changes. Have a professional landscaper look at your outdoor areas and make decisions during winter. 

Planning during the off-season allows landscapers to order plants from nurseries. An early request makes it more likely that the plants you want are in stock. Enjoy having your dream yard come to life!

5. Maintain Your Landscaping

You'll need proper maintenance to keep your yard looking its best throughout the season. Some plants have low maintenance requirements, whereas other greenery may require high levels of attention and care. 

Hiring professional landscapers allows you to focus on other aspects of life. Instead of spending hours in your yard, you can enjoy your hobbies and make more memories with friends or family. Plus, you'll know your yard is expertly cared for to optimize its health and beauty.  

Contact the Team at Rooted in Nature

Ready to prepare for your landscape spring clean-up? Rooted in Nature is here to help! Our landscaping company is proud to serve homes and businesses throughout Maryland. With experience since 2009, we're the experts you can trust to provide services ranging from snow removal to hardscape enhancements and ground maintenance. 

Our professionals are excited to discuss your ideas this spring — do you want an artistic display of flower beds? Or do you want a perfect, green lawn with well-maintained greenery? We're here to make your vision a reality. 

To get started, request an estimate today!

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