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Spring Clean-Up Time is Here

Updated: Apr 30

Spring is here and in full swing, that means it's time to schedule your commercial or residential spring clean-up! Be it residential or commercial, we know that each property is different. That is why we are customize every clean-up to each property’s specific, individual needs. Here are some of the spring clean-up services we provide:

-Debris removal: We remove, haul away and recycle all leaves, weeds, twigs and branches and other debris from your beds, lawn and walks.

-Trimming and Pruning: Trimming back trees and shrubs is not just about a great looking appearance. We trim or prune any trees or shrubbery that may be intruding on your lawn, lot or walkway to ensure both the continued health of the plant and well as the safety of the people enjoying them!

-Edging: We create a deep edge around beds and walkways to create a clean and polished look. A neat bed edge also makes for easier maintenance, better drainage as well as a more professional appearance throughout the year.

-Mulching: A thick layer of mulch not only helps your beds and look great, but it is also crucial in helping maintain the health of your flower beds. Mulch retains moisture for plants and trees, encourages proper water drainage, prevents runoff as well as halting the growth of invasive weeds.

-Planting: We are happy to help you select and install flowers, shrubs and trees that complement your office landscape or yard beautifully. We are very well-versed in native plants and landscapes of all varieties. We will work with you during the selection process to make sure we can make your vision a thriving, healthy and lovely part of your property’s landscape.

A professional seasonal clean-up is a great way to kick off your spring - allowing you to focus on your family or your business. Please call us at 443-846-0199 or e-mail at to schedule yours today! As always, be safe and take care!

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