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Landscaping: Around a deck

Updated: Apr 30

We are frequently asked to tackle challenging landscape design problems. Rooted In Nature are experts at providing solutions that really work for our clients with unique issues like grading, poor drainage, unsightly views, and bad soil.

Our approach is to begin with overall orientation of the deck, including its height, border, and hours of sun and shade each day in every season. Then we determine the plantings that will best suit your property, your lifestyle, your maintenance wants, and watering requirements.

You want the materials we use and the design we implement to grow and thrive and last in your landscape for years. If you’re going to spend time and money to have a gorgeous design implemented, you want it to be well thought out and expertly designed.

While many landscapes still use a lot of wood mulch, we are advocates of sustainable rock mulch to cut down on weeds, maintain moisture, and drastically reduce fire danger. The addition of boulders and large rocks enhances the design aesthetic and contributes to a lower maintenance and more fire-safe approach.

Should you need help starting your spring landscaping or a specialty landscaping project like around a deck, please contact Rooted In Nature today at 443-846-0199 or email

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