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Rock it out!: Incorporating boulders in landscape design

Over the years, there has been a continued trend toward more naturalistic landscaping with the use of large rocks and boulders. But incorporating these materials onto a client’s property isn’t exactly easy. It can require specialized equipment and a lot of maneuvering. Still, when it’s done right, the payoff can be AMAZING!

Using boulders for a rock wall or even a statement piece on its own are two ways that these materials are commonly used in the landscape. We often build retaining walls or border walls out of large rocks or boulders because it really does fit in with the surrounding natural landscape.

A boulder fire feature was designed and built for a mountain-based property that needed something very naturalistic to suit the space. The other fire features the clients had investigated had too much of a modern feel.

Rooted in Nature has also used boulders to create unique water features. A cored boulder with some bubbling water can add a natural look to the landscape. A pondless waterfall can also be an attractive addition. With this feature, the flow of water disappears into an underground reservoir.

At the end of the day, RIN says their use of boulders and rock goes a long way in preserving the natural surroundings that are so important to homeowners in Maryland.

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