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Top 3 spring hardscaping projects in Maryland

If you're thinking of updating your hardscaping for spring, you've got several decisions to make. There are many materials to choose from - including brick, stone, and decorative concrete, and many design options and projects to consider. To narrow it down and make it simpler for you, here are Rooted In Nature's top 3 hardscaping projects that will help you get the most out of the spring season.


Coming in at number one is (of course) a patio. The best way to enjoy spring weather from the comfort of your own home is to install a patio. This is a paved outdoor space that adjoins your house. You can even opt to integrate it with a matching walkway that winds its way through your yard or garden. Besides giving your home an aesthetic boost, a patio can be used to enjoy many outdoor activities - like cookouts or other fun events with friends or family.


Spring is a time when temperatures get warmer and flowers bloom. Installing a walkway through or around your garden can boost its aesthetics and allow you to tend to it comfortably. You can choose from a plethora of colors and styles to blend seamlessly with the rest of your landscape and garden design. You can choose whether you want a straight path or a curved one, or if you want patterned pavers or stamped decorative concrete.

Fire Pits

If you already have a patio, perhaps you should consider updating it this spring with a fire pit. While patios can help you enjoy the springtime during the day, fire pits can help make them nighttime spaces as well. In addition to the beauty of flames dancing in the dark, a fire pit can also provide warmth, making it ideal for gathering around on chilly nights or even on the cooler days of spring.

If you are looking for a experienced company for your commercial or residential hardscaping projects, then we are the experts for you! Rooted in Nature has the experience and the expertise your property needs. Check out our Hardscaping page for a complete list of projects! Please feel free to contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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