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Think outside the mum: 3 fall plants for Your Maryland landscape

Just because fall has arrived does not mean the garden cannot have lots of color. In Baltimore, Maryland area, many fall flowers will bloom well into the approaching winter. Some, like pansies, will even bloom again once spring arrives. Fall flowers in bloom are a spectacular way to add extra color to gardens, flowers pots, even fall flower bouquets in a vase indoors. Consider these fall flowers as a way to brighten your fall and beyond.

Purple Fountain Grass

While not a flower, purple fountain grass is the ideal accent for other fall flowers. Its burgundy-purple foliage pairs perfectly with other colors. Plus, it adds wonderful texture to plantings -- especially mounding mums and kale.

Flowering kale

Also called flowering cabbage, this is one of the toughest plants for fall. It holds up well to frosty temperatures and looks good all winter long in mild-winter areas! Kale offers dramatic color and texture and pairs well with just about every fall flower.

Note: Flowering kale is bred for its ornamental appearance, not for taste. We don't advise consuming flowering kale varieties.

Black-Eyed susan

Bold and dramatic, black-eyed Susan offers golden-yellow daisy-shaped flowers. A favorite of bees and butterflies, it brightens any landscape or container garden planting. Black-eyed Susan looks particularly good with mums and asters. Bonus points for being the Maryland state flower.

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