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Residential Landscape: Nailed It!

Updated: Apr 30

Don't be stuck posting a "Nailed It!" picture of your attempted landscaping "FAIL" online. Check out our list of the most common residential landscaping "fails" to avoid this spring:

1. Not hiring a landscape designer or architect for involved designs.

2. Not setting a budget.

3. Not paying attention to erosion-prone areas. 4. Neglecting the front yard. 5. Not holistically planning the design. 6. Not implementing the appropriate irrigation.

If you're attempting to tackle a landscaping job that seems out of your wheelhouse - or it's just too difficult a task to handle alone, remember that you can sometimes wind up doing more damage (and costing yourself more time and money) by not first reaching out to a professional. Contact us at 443-846-0199 so we can help you really NAIL IT!

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