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Our Top 5 reasons to hire a professional concrete company

Updated: Apr 30

Lots of projects these days are considered DIY. We love a good DIY project ourselves, but...where do you draw the line and look to hire a professional?

If you have a concrete project in mind, whether residential or commercial, you should consider working with a professional concrete company. Here are some of the main reasons why:

Getting it Mixed Up

There is a lot more that goes into mixing concrete than just putting together sand, cement, and water. You cannot just eyeball a concrete mixture until you think it looks right. If concrete is not mixed correctly, it is susceptible to cracks, which can weaken the whole structure. Using the wrong ratio when mixing concrete will force you to remove the entire piece once it has dried and replace it. To avoid such problems, you should work with a professional concrete company.

A professional knows the process, the right amount of products to use and the right time to add each product to the mixture. Using the right tools will also determine the end result.

Time = Money

If you want to complete your project within the set time frame, then hiring the right concrete company might be the best decision for you. They will know the right tools, equipment, and materials to use. They also know how best to approach the project so as to get it done on time.

Planning for a project is very important; you must know how much concrete you will need, how large the forms should be, and how long the concrete will take to dry.

You should also know how to prepare the area. With a professional team, this process won't take away any of your time because they have the experience!


Concrete professionals not only know how to get the job done at the right time and in the right way, but are also very reliable. A professional concrete company has a reputation to maintain, and this means that they cannot abandon your project. They will also keep you updated on the progress, and can predict any delays in good time and advise you on the same.

Before you choose to handle any concrete related project, you should always first consider your skill level and your experience. If you still have a long way to go, then it is best to hire a professional for the project. This way, you will get the best results, and you will save your money and time.


Large projects can lead to big mistakes, which can be costly. It can be devastating to have to redo a large project that has consumed a lot of time and resources just because you did not get the mixture right or rushed through the project.

When fixing floors, you need to level it correctly while the concrete is still wet. This can be very challenging without the right training. Everything about concrete requires great skill that only the experts have.

Hiring professionals for more substantial projects means that you will save time and money because they will get it right the first time!


Poor construction can lead to accidents and issues in the future. One way of reducing liability is by keeping your project on the books with a professional company.

A pro can help you fix potholes that could easily cause slip-and-fall injuries.

Taking advantage of their services will make your property secure, thus reducing potential lawsuits - not to mention that if the project has issues later on, you can call on your hired company to fix it.

If you are looking for a professional concrete company for your commercial or residential project, then we are the experts for you. Rooted in Nature has the experience and the expertise your project needs. Check out our Concrete Services page for a complete list of projects!

Please feel free to contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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