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Missing your mower? Here's 3 Winter landscaping tasks to tackle

Winter can bring a joyful break from mowing every week, but don’t forget about your landscaping all winter long. Here are a few winter landscaping tasks for keeping your lawn healthy - and you busy - during the winter season.

Clean up: Leaving debris and leaves on your lawn during winter can be extremely detrimental. It can smother your grass, create disease and invite insects and mice. When an object is left on the grass during winter and snow fall, it creates dead patches in your grass from the weight on the object. Quickly rake away any dead leaves and pick up all backyard toys during these cold weather months.

Aerate & Fertilize

Just before your area’s first expected frost date (which has already happened for a lot of us!), head out to your lawn and aerate. If you’ve never aerated before or need a little reminder, check out How to aerate your lawn. Aerating gives your lawn a chance to breathe before the grass goes dormant, and helps relieve any compaction that has built up during the warmer months.

Avoid excessive traffic: The grass under the snow can tolerate a moderate amount of traffic. A lot of traffic will make your grass have a harder time recovering during the spring. Avoid walking on your lawn frequently. This can compact and kill the grass. And avoid parking cars and trucks on your lawn during the winter as well. Even a small, compact car can kill your grass that is under the tires. Using your lawn for parking may kill your grass for good.

Level out the snow: When your lawn is covered by heavy snow for a long period of time, mold can attack the grass. The disease can grow under layers of snow during the winter. You can prevent mold by simply spreading out the large snow piles. Take an extra few minutes and evenly distribute the snow out on your lawn.

Don’t have time for these winter landscaping tasks? Call us or email us today for all of your winter landscaping needs at 443-846-0199 or

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