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Maryland Plants to Deter Deer

A true Marylander understands the struggle of keeping White-tailed deer out of their flower beds and vegetable gardens. Did you know there are TONS of perennial plants that can be incorporated in your beds and around your property to deter deer and protect your beautiful space?

Textured plants are always a good choice - rough, bristle-like textures are off-putting to deer, so give these types of plants a try. Others on the list include:

Shrubs/Trees: • American Elderberry • Arrowwood • Eastern Red Cedar • Flowering Dogwood • Mountain Laurel • Sassafras • Sycamore • Winterberry Holly

Flowers/Ferns: • Astilbe • Black-eyed Susan • Bleeding Heart (toxic to deer – their instincts should keep them away) • Butterfly Weed • Christmas Fern • Hyacinth • Nasturtium • Purple Coneflower • Spurge (also toxic to deer) • Swamp Milkweed • Wild Ginger • Wood Fern

Grasses: • Blue Whiskers • All Gold Hakone • Blue Paradise • Indiangrass • Purple Lovegrass • Switchgrass

Succulents - like hens & chicks (many varieties)

-Most herbs, such as: rosemary, oregano, mint, lavender, dill and sage For help with deer-proof plant selection, installation or maintenance, please contact us 443-846-0199 or

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