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Maryland Paver Patio Project

Installing a paver patio or outdoor area or walkway is challenging and takes a lot of work. It is not the typical DIY project - it's actually one of the projects where we definitely suggest you consult a professional.

You may be able to manage leveling and measuring with minimal issues, but if you don't get the layering and finishing just right, you could be stuck with a damaged yard and an unfinished job. The ground must be leveled, the layers must be correct, and you must be precise in your measurements of rows. If you want a design this will add an additional difficulty factor that makes this the type of project you'll regret taking on yourself.

We recently finished this beautiful job in Bel Air, Maryland. We are so happy to feature this recent project, and we appreciate the homeowner trusting us to take excellent care of their outdoor space. We think it is a gorgeous transformation and that it deserves to be shared!

If you are looking for a experienced company for your commercial or residential paver project, then we are the experts for you! Rooted in Nature has the experience and the expertise your project needs. Check out our Hardscaping page for a complete list of projects! Please feel free to contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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