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Landscaping Maintenance for Rental Properties

Updated: Apr 30

The rental market is highly competitive. Landlords and property managers are searching for features to attract new tenants or retain existing ones.

Landscaping is an essential feature that boosts the property's curb appeal. However, it requires regular maintenance to stay appealing. Poor care for your landscape can make the exterior become an eyesore.

When planning your landscape, you need to factor in its maintenance. Maintaining a rental property's landscape differs from that of a private home. You need to consider the time and financial requirements during the landscaping design. This consideration is essential, especially in rental properties, because of the following:

  • The kind of renters you want to attract

Do you want your tenants to participate in the maintenance? Then your landscaping design should not be a tedious one to maintain. If it becomes too tedious, it will scare away renters, and you will lose rental income.

  • Operation cost

Do you want to reduce the overall maintenance cost for the rental property? Then your landscaping should be one that does not incur so much work or extra expenses.

With these in mind, you can plan your rental property landscaping accordingly.

Landscaping maintenance options for rental properties

Landlords can maintain their landscaping in different ways. Some available options include:

  • Landlords maintain the landscaping by themselves

The landlord may decide to handle the maintenance. Often, they charge tenants for these services.

  • Tenants bear the maintenance responsibility

Some landlords shift the duty of maintaining the landscape to their renters. Doing this leads to problems most of the time. The tenant may not have enough skill or time to take care of the landscaping. The issue becomes severe if it is a multifamily property that allows pets.

  • Hire a landscaping company for maintenance

The best option to reduce stress on the landlords and tenants is to hire a landscaping company. It is a sure way of keeping your rental property's landscape in top form. Professional landscaping companies have experts that will devote their time and skill to give your property the best attention.

Landscaping maintenance tips for rental property

  1. Engage in regular mulching

When you mulch regularly, it improves the appeal of your yard, reduces maintenance needs, and cuts down the costs. Mulching involves reusing organic wastes in your property to boost your soil's nutrients and grow plants. It helps to suppress weeds, regulate temperature, and prevent water loss. Mulching may include sawdust, wood, dead leaves, and tree bark.

2. Install drip irrigation or an automatic irrigation system

Using a sprinkler system wastes water because it does not target the plants directly. However, the drip irrigation system delivers water directly to your plants. You do not want to add to the maintenance cost by installing irrigation systems that will increase the water bills. That is why it is better to install an automatic irrigation system.

The automatic irrigation system comes with a timer that puts on and shuts off the water, depending on your setting. Having the automatic system will also help to reduce labor costs and soil erosion.

3. Make your landscaping low-maintenances

Ensure that your landscaping design is low maintenance and avoid features that may complicate it. Below are some suggestions for low-maintenance landscaping:

  • Include hardscaping features – Hardscapes are the non-living components of your landscape, such as rock gardens, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, sitting areas, patios, pergolas, gazebos, pavers, etc. These features will serve as central areas of interest. Hardscapes do not require so much maintenance as others.

  • Reduce the lawn size – The bigger the lawn, the more maintenance it needs. Smaller lawns require lesser watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing. That does not mean you shouldn't have grass on your rental property though. It is advisable to reserve some green space to beautify the outdoor.

  • Plant cover crops – Cover crops will reduce the need to weed or mow the lawn. That is because they suppress weeds and do not grow tall.

  • Plant perennials and dwarf shrubs – Perennials are long-standing plants that can withstand adverse weather conditions. Once you plant them, they will not require replanting.

4. Invest in landscape fabrics or barrier cloths

Landscaping fabrics or barrier clothes will help to prevent weed and erosion. As a result, it protects the soil. Combine this with mulching if you want to get more results.

5. Leaf removal

Landlords that have trees on their property will need to engage in leaf removal. Sometimes, trees will shade leaves and litter the outdoor space. Allowing dead leaves on the property can make it unsightly. Professionals have the necessary tools and skills to remove all dead leaves on your property and keep it clean.

The bottom line

Landscaping maintenance is essential if you want to boost the rental's curb appeal. Hiring professionals will ease the burden on you and your tenants. The experts will also make additional maintenance suggestions after assessing the landscaping features you have on your property.

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