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How to WEED EAT like the PROS

Updated: May 20

Does your neighbor's professionally landscaped lawn have you wishing you could have your lawn looking that good? Their trimming and edging look so much sharper than what you seem to be able to accomplish.

We can help you learn to weed eat like a pro with a few easy to follow tips and tricks of the trade.

Some notes before we start!

When it comes to getting that tight look for your lawn it’s all in the weed eating.

It's a lot like cutting hair. Anyone can do the sides and the back - it's the crown of the head where the barber really shines!

Weed eating and edging are the fine tools that make your lawn stand out. Without sharp edges, the rest of the lawn won't look as polished.

In our experience, weed eating like a pro takes three things:

1. Professional equipment

2. Technique

3. Thick green grass

High-quality tools

If you want to step up your trimming and edging game, you will need to buy some better equipment. Much of the difference lies in the equipment the pros use.

The trimmers they use are more powerful, have better handling and are generally much more capable than most of the equipment you can buy down at your local big box store.

The equipment professional landscapers use costs as much as $500-$600! Fortunately, if you don't want to spend that much you can find used equipment, but a new professional weed eater will run you around $250. You can find them at many online and local retailers.

If you are considering used equipment, you can buy secondhand from EBay or on Facebook Marketplace. You may consider joining the local buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook - there are more then 10 in our Baltimore County/Towson area. We always love a deal, but always be sure to be careful to ensure that buying a functional piece of equipment from a reputable seller!

Sweat the Technique

The song says "Don't Sweat The Technique," but we are actually going to disagree and say yes, do sweat it, technique is so important!

A lot of what makes the expensive models so effective is in their increased handling. But to know how exactly to handle your weed eater, you will have to observe and practice.

Next time your neighbor's professional crew is working, watch them. Study how the operator performs his or her craft. Notice he or she holds the trimmer inverted so that the cord cuts the edge a perfect 90-degree angle.

Also, observe how they trim at the same level as the mower blade cutting height to create a flawless transition. You can’t even tell what was mowed by the mower and what was trimmed by the weed eater.

Now practice on your lawn - it’s all in the equipment and the form. With a little practice, you too can weed eat like a pro!

Keep your grass thick

Lawn care pros don’t just have pro techniques and equipment to properly weed eat properly - they also have thick green grass to cut.

Think about it! If your lawn is not thick and green, the edges will never look sharp like the lawns we all admire. That is why proper lawn maintenance is a MUST.

Here are a few things you should do beyond mowing that will get you the thick grass we all want:

  • Aerate your lawn 2 times a year

  • Fertilize your lawn at least 4 times a year.

  • Irrigate properly (if necessary)

  • Follow our Ultimate Lawn Care Guide

  • When it comes to selecting the best fertilizer try out this article.

  • Having thick, green grass will give you a better working template when you have the proper weed eating equipment and master your weed-eating techniques.

Once you figure out how to edge like a pro, up your game by learning how to make your string last longer!

Or, just...hire a PRO!

With the right equipment, a thick green lawn and a little practice you can get those sharp-cut edges that the professionals so easily create. We know that this can often be more time and effort than most people can afford to invest in their residential or commercial property. The pros at Rooted in Nature are more than happy to help you with your mowing, trimming or lawn care needs - we can also assist with any suggestions on selecting the right trimmer for your lawn. Feel free to contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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