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Can I hardscape in the winter?

Updated: Apr 30

The fall/winter months are generally considered the “off” period time for commercial and residential landscaping in Maryland. But did you know that these slower and colder months actually provide the best opportunity for hardscape projects around your property?

Hardscaping is the implementation of non-living elements in the landscaping world. Brick and stone walls, walkways, paver walls, retaining walls, wood arbors, patios, flagstone pathways, and pebble/cement driveways and walkways are all hardscaping features. Hardscape landscaping is a key part of landscape design, alluring to a sense of organization and a definition of the natural features of landscape. There are some exceptions that may hinder a hardscaping project, let's take a look at all the pros, and come tips on when NOT to work on your project in certain circumstances.

1. Less Collateral Damage

Hardscaping, no matter how thoughtfully planned and executed, can cause damage to the living elements on your property. Grass, plants, shrubs, and trees can all be affected during hardscape project installations. But during the winter months, these living elements become dormant and less susceptible to damage and intrusion. Laying down plywood boards on the grass areas causes less stress during winter and the lack of foliage on the plants and trees makes maneuvering equipment and materials a much easier task.

2. Save money/time

During the the winter months, landscaping businesses may be more eager and available to do new projects. Their crews are freed up and project managers can carry out and perform hardscape projects at a much lower rate. Winter hardscape projects can also be completed in a much faster timeframe. Landscape companies have more crew members they can allocate to the job and less busy work to compete with due to the dormancy of the plants, grass, and trees.

3. Impress your guests

Fall/winter means the holidays. There is no greater time for friends and family visiting your home than during the holiday season. Hardscape projects bring a clean, strong line to your property. It shows definition and uniformity. It also builds up property value. Your home will be a gathering place for the ones you love during the holiday season and providing the hardscape aesthetics to your land will impress all your visitors.

4. You will be ready for spring

Implementing your hardscape projects in the winter months also gives optimal time to enjoy your property’s landscape once it warms back up. Your new hardscapes will be set, dried, cleaned and ready to use in the months that you are outside most. Waiting to start hardscape projects in the spring/summer will take much longer to complete and will limit the use of your outside areas.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Never set mortar in temperatures below 40 degrees.

  2. Only use plastic snow shovels on hardscape services. Using metal may crack your materials.

  3. Newly set hardscape projects should be coated with a stone or masonry sealant before the first snows set in.

  4. Be careful with deicers on your hardscape surfaces as they can permanently stain and discolor your stone or cement.

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