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4 Late-winter landscaping tips you can do RIGHT NOW!

Updated: Apr 30

While it seems like these cold Maryland days will never end, the warmer temperatures will soon be here once again. The transition from winter to spring is often a welcomed change of seasons as green shoots begin sprouting from the ground and buds start forming on branches. As we wait for spring’s arrival, we can help give our landscape a head start with some basic winter care.

For a beautiful lawn in spring, take time in February/March to complete these four landscaping chores:

Prune plants in winter

Pruning during the late dormant season can help promote better growth in spring. Completing this task in winter leads to faster regrowth when the warm weather arrives. The bare branches also allow you to easily see the shape of the plant so you can make smart cuts.

Remove broken or snapped limbs

Heavy snowfalls can weigh down branches causing them to break and splinter. Remove them now so they can begin the healing process as soon as the milder temperatures return.

Watch for winter warm-ups

As winter winds down, there are often bouts of warm weather that seem to come and go. Keep an eye on covered plants during these milder temperature swings. Offer them some much needed ventilation by opening the burlap or other cover during the day and then reclosing it at night.

Consider your hardscapes

Sidewalks, walkways and driveways take a beating during cold weather, too. Extreme temperature changes can cause concrete to expand and crack. Excessive salt accumulation can wear away at surfaces. To keep your hardscapes in good shape, keep the area free of ice buildup. Watch for an excessive amount of water in any one spot. Also, while salt can be very helpful in minimizing slick surfaces, try to use it only when necessary. Need help? Contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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