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10 Tips for summer mowing

Updated: Apr 30

Summer is just days away, and we know lots of you mow your own lawns - we can't do them all, right?! Whether or not you're our mowing customer, we want you to have a healthy and beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. Follow our ten simple summer lawn mowing tips for a better looking lawn in no time!

1. Remove debris before mowing.

Debris - such as small pieces of trash and sticks - that is too large for the mower to mulch may cause problems for your mower and can create safety hazards.

2. Do not mow right after it rains.

Mowing wet grass will cause clumping and ruts. This also leaves the lawn more susceptible to certain diseases.

3. Mow in the morning.

It’s preferable to mow earlier in the day. It’s better for the grass and the lower temperatures are better for you!

4. Change directions.

The pattern change will control coarse grass and create even surfaces.

Mow the right height. Generally remove no more than 1/3 of height of the grass.

5. Blow clippings back off hard surfaces after mowing.

It not only looks nice, but it also avoids the clippings from blowing into the street or on your neighbor’s property.

6. Consider grass cycling.

Grass cycling allows grass clippings to remain on the lawn, allowing nitrogen and nutrients to be returned to the soil. It also protects against fungal disease.

7. Get out the rake.

If the grass is long, you may have to double cut it to properly mulch-up clippings. Never leave excess clippings on top of the lawn.

8. Get a polished look.

Maintain vertical edges along hard surfaces for a manicured finished look. Trim around obstacles using a string trimmer.

9. Keep your mower in top shape.

Not only are dull blades ineffective, they can damage your lawn.

10. Hire a Pro.

Local professionals are experienced in safe mowing practices and bring the skills and training to keep your lawn healthy. Give us a call and check "mow lawn" off your to-do list by calling 443-846-0199 or

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