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Our 3 favorite landscaping tricks for perfect CURB APPEAL

For those who aren’t aware, curb appeal is all about the charm and attraction of commercial or residential property as viewed from the street. Curb appeal is perhaps the first thing that grabs people’s attention towards a house, as it can add a lot of functionality to any given property. So whether you are getting ready to sell your home or are a new homeowner, curb appeal is important! These 3 curb appeal tips may help you!

Adding planters

This is the easiest and cheapest way to immediately add some curb appeal. A sun-kissed garden in the front yard with a variety of flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs can instantly upgrade the look of your home. Just group and place them around the patio and the yard, and you’re good to go! If your patio is big, you can even add some planter boxes or shutters to the window and match them to the color of your walls.

Also, try and fill your pots with evergreen plants so that your garden is always blooming and pretty. Who wouldn’t want to look at a landscape that’s lush green and colorful?

Adding a hardscaped pathway

Much more expensive (but well worth the investment) is a stone pathway. Using a pathway not only makes your house more attractive but is also a practical option that adds to its functionality. What we find interesting about this idea is that you can play along with the materials, colors, and shapes of the pathway and get as creative as you like. So, work with different bricks, stones or do some research of your own and get your house a path that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood. There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest that may serve you well. We at Rooted In Nature are professionals in this field and can certainly help make sure you're on the right track!

Outdoor lighting

We have talked about adding planters and pathways, but there’s something else that can make your house look much better, especially during the nights. We are talking about outdoor lights.

Install some decorative lights along the pathways, amidst the lawn, and even on the porch or the patios. You can also upgrade existing outdoor lights attached to your home with ones that better fit your aesthetic and style!

No matter what outdoor project is on your to-do list, you can count on Rooted in Nature to have the experts available to turn landscaping dreams into reality. Need some additional curb appeal help? Please feel free to contact us at 443-846-0199 or

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