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Maryland Summer Lawn Care Do's & Don'ts

Updated: May 21

Caring for your lawn in summer is vital, as this is still an important part of the growing season. Make sure you do not neglect and that you follow proper lawn care recommendations for your residential or commercial lawn in Maryland. At Rooted In Nature, we often see people who have made some key mistakes when trying to keep up with their lawns. Learn about our DO's and DON'T's for summer lawn care.

Making a lawn care mistake can cause irreparable damage to your grass. Cutting lawns too short can affect the growth of the grass and can cause the remaining grass to be scorched by the sun, so it is vital to mow your lawn weekly to keep it at the proper length.

The Do's of Summer Lawn Care

Follow this list of the DO's of summer lawn care so you can keep your lawn as healthy as possible during the summer months.

  • DO mow your lawn weekly. Ensure your grass never gets too tall during the summer with weekly lawn mowing visits.

  • DO water in the early morning. Watering at this time is ideal, as it gives the grass time to absorb moisture before the heat of the afternoon evaporates the water.

  • DO apply fertilizer every 5-6 weeks. This can be skipped only in August, but fertilizing the grass routinely keeps a steady stream of nutrients flowing to your grass.

  • DO preventative grub control treatments. Grubs can destroy grass rapidly once they begin hatching, so put down a preventative treatment to stop them before they become a problem.

Along with the DO's, you need to make sure you avoid these DON'T's of lawn care during the summer months to ensure that your grass is in top condition.

  • DON'T cut your lawn too short. When your grass is too short, it harms the overall health of your lawn so never cut it by more than 1/3 the height of the blade.

  • DON'T aerate, dethatch, or overseed. Aeration, overseeding, and dethatching should only be done in the spring or fall. The heat of summer temperatures is not suitable for new grass growth.

  • DON'T overwater grass or plants. Too much moisture in summer can lead to the development of fungal diseases on both your grass and your landscape plants.

  • DON'T use preventative weed treatments. A preventative weed control treatment is applied in the spring only, whereas in summer you should apply spot treatments with post-emergent herbicides.

Follow these do's and don't's of summer lawn care to the letter, and your grass should be green and verdant throughout the season.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by planning your summer lawn care, then Rooted In Nature can help. We work with residential and commercial lawns across Maryland - especially in Baltimore and Harford counties. Call us today at 443-846-0199 or email to learn more and schedule a consultation with our lawn care experts.

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